It is never a dull moment in the Nightingale's Song

The Nightingale's Song is a cozy but upscale cafe. Located in Ishgard, it is our goal to provide a rustic yet sophisticated atmosphere with elegant drinks and cuisine.CAFE HOURS: Tuesday -- 4 pm EST to 7 pm ESTOOC LOCATION: Zalera - Empyreum, Plot 7, Ward 1.
IC LOCATION: Ishgard, Firmament
Join our Discord to keep up to date with our events, interact with our community, or apply to open positions!All players that enter the establishment agree to follow our rules, please review them here.
We hold our Code Of Conduct to high standards & hope to provide a safe and fun atmosphere for all of our members and patrons.


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Valentione's and Little Ladies' Day

These's Items are only Available from Feb 1st - Feb 28th

All Saints Wake

These's Items are only Available from Oct 1st - Oct 31st


These's Items are only Available from Dec 1st - Jan 2nd


Cafe Rental and Catering

The tea rooms:➣➣➣ The tea rooms are free to use for more private parties, but usually only can offer npc staffer if outside of operating hours.----------------------------------------------------------------------Catering VenuesWe offer catering at events, markets and venues who wish for food catering and bartending.----------------------------------------------------------------------
Please get with us ONE (1) Month in advance for planning.
➣➣➣ Have a small chapel of the Halonic Church.
➣➣➣ Venue
➣➣➣ Staff
➣➣➣ Custom Menus
➣➣➣ Official -- Father Raoul de LaFontaine (Halonic Faith)
➣➣➣ If wish for another officiant, the couple need to find one on their own.

Private Rooms

While most rooms are for FC use only, we do have a number of private rooms for larger parties or rental for private get-togethers. THESE ARE NOT +18 rooms! Please respect the space.

Room NumberThemeNotes
#1Staff LoungeFor the staff to rest and change in.
#2MedicalFor Staff, Guests & Knights alike.
#3Spa roomHot baths (SFW)
#4Art StudioKallias' Art Studio.
#5Training RoomNO BETS or Prize Fighting (OOC/IC)
#6ChapelHalonic Faith -- Small Wedding Services Available.
#7LibraryEnjoy a quiet space for reading and tea.
#8Tea GardenWhere we grow some of our tea & vegetables. Available for bookings.
#9The Nomad Tea RoomHave a feel of the Steppes while enjoying your tea. Available for bookings.
#10The Fairy RoomHave some tea in a magical forest room, mayhaps see a fairy or two while there!
#11The Ruby Sea Tea RoomEnjoy the exotic fishes while in this red tea room. Available for bookings.
#12The officeThe office of the owners of the café.

-- Staff --


Madam Pokie Hatasashi


FC Owner

A former street urchin, Pokie grew up on the streets of Ul'dah. As an Orphan, she lived by 'Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat' and often landed herself in trouble with local merchants and city guards. As an adult Pokie found her way to Limsa, where she began working at a restaurant and honed her cooking and baking skills.After marrying Kallias, Pokie moved with him to Ishgard where she also became a retainer (headache) for House Charlmort. It was here she watched how trade and business worked, but her heart was always at home in the kitchen.She is the one who dictates the menu, handles baking, and manages the staff.

Master Kallias Hatasashi


FC Owner

A master artist, Kallias is the eldest son of minor Kugane Nobility. Wealthy Trade Merchants, his family sent their oldest son west to learn the different cultures of Eorzea. It was there he became a retainer under House Charlmort to gain a better understanding of the trade crafts of Ishgard.After marrying his wife, Pokie, they now own The Nightingale's Song. It is here that the artist has both his personal studio and helps manage the trade & financial side of the company.It is through him that the Nightingale gets its exotic eastern teas & goods.


House Charlmort

Minor House of Ishgard

Trade Goods, Eggs & Poultry , Connections

House Monceaux

Minor House of Ishgard

Free Education for Staff Members

House Hatasashi

Nobles of Kugane

Imports & Exports


Ambrosia Nevis

Assisting Manager

Cafe Staff

Taso Xausta


K'sala Brandy

Magical Bartender

Katsaya Cetki


Maple N'dath


Yu'jin Zhao


Back of the House

Hina Arda


Taso Xausta

Medical (Student)

-- The Guestbook--

Here we collect screenshots of lovely comments left in our guestbook when it has been filled up.

-- Rules --

1) Do not shame, bully, harass, attack, threaten, or intentionally provoke other people.Due to the nature of this community, consent is a vital component in our interactions. This includes roleplay, narratives & OOC interactions. As such, we ask that all community members respect others’ personal boundaries.➣ Do not initiate NSFW topics outside of NSFW rooms (The Red Circle).
➣ Do not casually use offensive slurs. This includes racist, transphobic, homophobic, or other discriminatory language.
➣ Do not post excessively offensive content, humorous or otherwise. This includes mentions of suicide, genocide, and making light of tragedies or natural disasters.
➣ Insulting, shaming, or attack people within or outside of the server.
➣ If a user has blocked you, don't attempt to bypass the block by contacting them through alternative means.

2) Please act with maturity & respect.We expect everyone in this community to act with a sense of maturity & respect towards their fellow community members.➣ You are responsible for your character, their narrative and their actions in the narratives of others.
➣ You are personally responsible for your own community experience. We are here to facilitate communities, roleplay, and events generally, not cater explicitly and solely to ones character.
➣ We do not expect everyone to get along with everyone else, if a disagreement develops, try to resolve the matter amongst yourselves whenever possible. If a resolution is not possible, reach out to someone to help solve the conflict.
➣ Excessive profanity, political topics & religious discussion is not allowed within the main channels. These topics are seen as volatile and often lead to disruptions in communities.

3) Spoiler Policy➣ All spoilers are to be kept to #Spoilers. Spoilers currently include: Shadowbringers -- 5.0-5.5, Endwalkers --patches 6.0-6.5
➣ Spoilers are subject to change.

4) Harassment, Hearsay & Slander.➣ If a user has blocked you, don't attempt to bypass the block by contacting them through alternative means. Harassment & stalking are grounds for immediate removal from the discord & community.
➣ Screenshots must be provided for all violations. Our officer staff, sadly, will not act on hearsay.
➣ Slander and rumor mongering will not be tolerated. If you don't like someone, block them. We expect our community to coexist in a friendly manner.

5) Lore ComplianceWhile not a lore strict space, we do ask our community to be Lore Friendly. Please respect that we are a lore compliance space! We use lore as a primary guideline. Any and all breaks from the lore should be explainable, justified, and reasonable for the purpose of the character.➣ Ascians, Sentient Voidsent, Warriors of Light, & Characters from the First are allowed.
➣ Vampires, Were-Beast, Sin-Eaters & other lore-breaking characters are not allowed in the Community Narrative.
➣ No Canon Characters/NPC. This includes "THE Warrior of Light" and Scions.
➣ No Meme characters.
➣ All characters should be able to naturally exist with the wider context of the setting of Eorzea.
While prohibited archetypes are not permitted to directly participate in the community narrative, they can be allowed at open community events, provided that their prohibited aspects are not relevant to their participation at the event.

6) SuggestionsIf you have suggestions or ideas, please, do reach out to us with your comments and requests. While we cannot promise we'll abide by every suggestion, if we believe that the idea is something that will add to the community, we will pursue it. Along these lines, no one is perfect, and if you have any criticism of how things are run, we expect them to be made respectfully and constructively, with an eye towards providing solutions to the identified issues.

7) Roleplay EdicateYou are in control of your character and their actions! Please understand IC actions do have IC consequences & you are responsible for your own fun.➣ Wall Flowering -- If no one is approaching you for RP & you see someone you might like to interact with, you are always free to send a whisper.
➣ Missed Post -- In any venue or roleplay space they can be scroll. If you think someone missed your post, please send them a whisper!
➣ IC vs OOC -- Please be able to keep in-character (IC) separate from out-of-character (OOC). People are not their characters. Because of this, Character vs Character drama should never be met with OOC hostility.
➣ Powergaming, god-modding & metagaming IS NOT ALLOWED!
➣ Consent -- For both SFW & NSFW should always include OOC consent. This also includes things like screenshots, sharing private information & the use of other people’s spaces. (Malicious Consent Violation will result in an automatic Kick.)
This is not an ERP Venue, please treat our staff and space with respect. All private rooms & venue rentals should be SFW.

8) Joining the FCIf you wish to join the FC, a character or alt must be at least level 10.➣ Level 10 -- Characters under level 10 will have two weeks (fourteen (14) days) to reach level 10, unless you notify staff of special circumstances preventing you from reaching this deadline.
➣ Probation -- All new members will be placed on a 28 day (four week) probation. Any rule violation will result in removal from the FC.

9) Financial Transactions, Gil Exchange and RMT➣ UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS REAL-MONEY TRADING ALLOWED FOR RP! This includes things like PayPal or Mog Station Items.
➣ We do not charge IG Gil for our Food or Drinks. We do encourage tipping for our wait staff and employees.
➣ Venue and Private Room Rentals are as follows:
➣➣➣ Off Our Venue Rental -- 150,000 gil per hour + 50,000 gil per staff member. (You may bring your own staff)
➣➣➣ Private Room Rental -- 150,000 gil for the Night + 1 server.
➣ There is NO door fee for public events.Exceptions include::
➣ Commissions for Artwork or other OUT-OF-GAME services.

EnforcementRule Enforcement and Disciplinary ActionThe staff team uses a 3-tier warning system for disciplinary action when members violate server rules, utilizing 3 levels of "Warnings", with further issues possibly escalating to a ban. We also make a note of minor infractions under "Concerns" which don't merit a warning however we feel should be logged for future reference. Warnings will fall off one (1) every three (3) months.Harassment & stalking are grounds for immediate removal from the discord & community.➣ Warning 1 → Warning 2 → Warning 3 → Ban